Where was Your Water Last Night?

The question that everyone should ask is where was your water last night; last week; or last year – it’s a very important question.

The answer is that most people don’t know where their water has been and they have no idea how their water was used last.

You see the earth has only a finite supply of water there has always been the same amount of water for use by everyone on the planet. There is no more water being created and it can’t be lost, so all the water we have is all we have ever had. Our problem is now there are more and more people every day to share that same water.

Our planet has always cleaned the water after each time someone uses it so that the next user has clean water. The earth is now struggling to keep up as there are so many people using the water so often.

The water that you use today has been used by millions of people before you right throughout the ages back to when the earth was first inhabited. Your water that you use each day may have been drunk by, or bathed in by, the greatest people of our history. It may have been used at the last supper… the point is you don’t know!

At Neylan Water we make it our business to help the earth to clean the water that we all use in a sustainable and responsible way. We design systems that clean and purify water and the contaminants that are put in by people and we protect people from contaminates that are put in by others less responsible.

We have filters and filtration systems that clean water to make it pure and pleasant to drink.

The filters that we supply make water taste like it came from a clear stream high in a pristine mountain setting. Our filters remove all the bugs and impurities that make water taste unpleasant and unhealthy to drink. Healthy clean drinking water is, and has always been crucial to the development of civilisations throughout the existence of mankind. The lack of this one commodity can bring whole civilisations to their knees. The Grecians’ and the Egyptians’ could not have become as they were, without a plentiful supply of high quality water.

We only supply the best quality filtration systems to Australian and World standards for your personal safety.

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