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IRON IN WATER. Iron is one of the most common contaminants facing owners of wells. There is a remedy. Please remember that Iron is one of the major problems with your water supply. Many Thanks to John @ Fresh Water Systems, USA, for a very clear and honest description of the Iron in Water issue. Coolabah Water, Wagga Wagga, Australia. Contact Bernard For More Professional Information Telephone 0429 651 116

Coolabah Water Purification

Let a water filter do the work of water purification and extend the life your kidneys.

Over the past 20 years Coolabah Water Purification have assisted numerous clients from the domestic, industrial, commercial & government bodies in the areas of BACTERIAL, BIOLOGICAL, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, and CHEMICAL processes to reduce its pollution and health hazards.

Coolabah Water Purification rainwater research has exposed a much higher pollution rate from truck and motor vehicle exhaust fumes. This has contaminated our drinking water with sulphur dioxides and sulphuric acid, causing copper pipe corrosion and making your water unsafe to drink.

Coolabah Water Filtration works with clients to eradicate this problem through water testing and scientific water modelling to keep your family safe. Let a water filter do the work of purification and reduce the load on your kidneys.

Acidic Corrosive Water

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Why do I have green staining in my bathroom?

What has caused this?

Rainwater has residue from car and truck emissions or other airborne pollutants, including heavy metals.

Most corrosion problems show up as blue green staining. The stain is copper deposited from the corrosion of the water piping and fixtures. The corrosion will eventually cause pinhole leaks in the water pipes. … The most likely cause is low alkalinity, which typically results in highly acidic (low pH) water. This could be unsafe to drink.

Alkaline Scale Forming

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Do I need to remove chlorine, calcium or soften my water?

Is alkaline water really better for you?

Alkaline Water
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Australian Story Out of the Water

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How to Stop Copper Pipe Corrosion

prevent pipe corrosion, Stop Pipe Corrosion
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How to Choose a Water Filter

Choose a water filter
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