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High Volume Bag Filter Housing

The PVC Bag Filters are a natural choice in many commercial and industrial applications where high flow rates are required. Installed either as pre-filters or final filters, they provide a very high dirt holding capacity, maintaining their filtration capability far longer than cartridge filters. Their economy and ease of use makes them well suited to water filtration systems, removing solids from process water and rinse waters.

The durable uPVC housings, which are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory, have no metal components to rust or corrode giving them excellent chemical resistance. PVC Bag Filter Housings are a popular choice among water filtration professionals for their versatility, size, economy, high flow, simplicity, water saving and wide range of applications. The housing is supplied with a specially made easy to use Spanner. 

bag filter housing pvc, PVC Bag Filter Housing
PVC Bag Filter Housing

A high pressure and high volume multi bag sediment bag filter to 500 litres per minute @ 5 microns serving boilers for the canned food industry. Made from cast stainless steel grade 304 and weighing some 200 kgs