The Coolabah Bore Water Reactor

Extremely Compact - Lightweight - High Performance

Magnetic Bore Water Conditioning - Softening Water Naturally!

  • Softens the hardest water
  • Reduces the smell of chlorine
  • De-scales & cleans pipes & plumbing fixtures
  • Enjoy fresher bathing
  • Enjoy suds from bore water
  • Makes hair silkier
  • Softer on clothes
  • Simple to install
  • Installed for life
  • Guaranteed to perform
  • Guaranteed to last virtually forever
  • No power or plumbing required
  • No maintenance required
  • No messy wires
Environmentally Safe Cleaning, Bore Water Reactor, magnetic water conditioning, bore water treatment

How does it work?

High performance, magnetic energy, is focussed into the pipe carrying the fluid as it passes. Magnetic energy is transmitted into the water. This forces a physical and potential change to occur in the water. The calcium in the water and other like minerals are prevented from crystallising.

By magnetically locking the water, the surface tension drops and the water becomes softer. The Bore Water Reactor performance has become well known to many users, who have experienced the benefits of free energy magnetic conditioning.

The Bore Water Reactor is more powerful than the other units on the market. The unique negative defusing action on the reactor results in a powerful magnetic effect entering the water where it converts the polarioty of the minerals in the water. Instead of improving the taste of hard water, it smashes through the hardness barrier to soften the water.

The Bore Water Reactor is out-performing every other similar type of treatment device on the market due to increased power and the defused technology.

  • Pocket the savings, without recourse to expensive desalination. Take the advantage.
  • Help the environment.
  • Enjoy maintenance free soft water for life!
  • The Bore Water Reactor comes with a lifetime power warranty. It virtually never wears out!

We always test your water first so that we know your problem.

Bore Water Reactor, magnetic water conditioning, bore water treatment
Reactor Model Pipe Size
CMR-B Small Duty 10-25mm
CMR-R Light Duty 24-40mm
CMR-B Heavy Duty 40-100mm
CMR-BL Heavy Duty 50-300mm

Coolabah Water select the reactor strength to do the job required. The Coolabah Bore-water Reactor is the most versatile available!