Water Filtration

Specialty Filters and Cartridges

String Wound Sediment Hot Water – Standard Diameter

The Hot Water String Wound Filter Cartridge is designed to meet the most demanding filtration duties in Hot or Cold water. They offer an economic, compact, easily installed and maintained filtration system for the removal of particulate from liquid. They are an economical solution for the reduction of fine sediment such as sand, silt, rust and scale particles in domestic and light commercial applications.

The string roving made from cotton is then wound over a perforated Stainless Steel core for increased strength in Hot Water. The roving is wound in a precise pattern providing the filter with a greater surface area. The result is a higher dirt loading capacity filter with a minimal pressure drop. The String Wound cartridge has been on the market for many years and has a proven record of consistent performance.

string wound sediment hot water

Iron Reduction – Large Diameter (Pentek Brand)

The RFFE20-BB cartridge is designed to provide an easy and effective method of reducing iron from water, which greatly improves the taste. The cartridge helps eliminate the orange and brown stains often found in sinks, toilets, tubs and other plumbing fixtures. The RFFE20-BB reduces the possibility of damage to pipes and water heaters and reduces up to 3mg/L of dissolved iron.

It adds no harmful chemicals to the water, making it completely safe for drinking water applications. The cartridge should be installed on the main cold water line after the pressure tank or water meter. For best results, pre-sediment and post-carbon treatment is recommended. The filter fits most large diameter 20” housings.

iron reduction radial flow cartridge

Oil Absorbing – Large Diameter (Pentek Brand)

The OAC-20 Oil Absorbing Cartridge is made from modified cellulose based filter media processed into sheets and assembled into cartridges for use in standard 20” large diameter housings. The modified cellulose-based filter material chemically bonds specifically with hydrocarbons and other pollutants such as dissolved and dispersed oil from water.  

oil absorbing cartridge