Did you notice how the experts in the video did not answer cold water corrosion issues?

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When researching cold water issues solving copper corrosion there was no information which was surprising

We have been researching this problem for 11 years and we wondered why clients came to us from their Doctor seeking better quality water. We then set out to research these clients and most of them had medical issues including blood disorders.

We found that they were living on rural properties using rainwater tanks and living within a proximity of up to 4 kilometres from a main road.

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What we found was that unleaded petrol and truck exhausts left a residue of sulphur dioxide on the roof and after a rain event this washed into or filled their water tank. This concoction is now their drinking water. This water then became a diluted form of sulfuric acid and is slowly corroding the copper pipework.

This water is now corrosive and the occupants are now drinking this copper polluted water which can cause a multitude of medical problems.

A telltale sign was green staining on a shower floor, baths,sinks and other bathroom fixtures.

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Did you notice how the experts in the video did not answer cold water corrosion issues?

Another telltale sign was on painted corrugated iron roofs where the paint was starting to fade black to the undercoat and this is a direct correlation of acid being formed at a rain event.

Our resident soil scientist Rob Cumming created solutions to this issue using water modelling, science and calcium carbonate saturation formulae for our clients.

We now test the water for temperature, TDS, Alkalinity,Calcium and pH/hydrogen, with that we put these results into a formula and result gives a severity and also tells us weather the water is scale forming or corrosive.

We treat this water using a food grade calcium and carbon filtration.

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We have had great feedback from our clients, stating that their staining had disappeared.

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