Case Study

Industrial Water Filtration

Fronterra / Bonlac Murrumbidgee Dairy Products Site Located in Wagga Waggga N.S.W.

The above company is one of the largest dairy products processors in Australia located in the Riverina.


The 24 Nanofiltration membranes that separate yogurt and sour cream were showing signs of wear due to the highly abrasive nature of the town water supply. This caused the quality of the membrane output to vary, giving them inconsistent quality product. To stabilize the quality of consistency, the flow to the membranes needed to increase and the water quality had to improve.

Water volume required

Some 4000 litres per hour achieving total chlorine removal and sediment reduction to 15 microns

filter system case study industrial water filtration

Treatment Option

In September 2005 Coolabah Water installed a 30” x 72” multi-media carbon filter with an automatic backwash system. This carbon/sediment vessel housed 434 Kg or 21cubic feet of high grade media. The backwash process is performed weekly, at a flow rate of 180 litres per minute. The uniformity of flow is controlled by 40mm flow control valve. 


  • This treated water supplied to the membranes is tested on a weekly basis with no bad tests being returned in the last 5 years.
  • Membrane life has been increased well beyond what it was, and has exceeded even the best expectations.
  • Quality of production has been for the last 5 years been absolutely consistent and very high.
  • The cost savings in labour and replacement membranes has been enormous.
  • Maintenance costs over the 5 years has been virtually Zero – the weekly backwashing is done automatically

A 4000 Litre / hour high volume Chlorine reduction filter to 15 micron with electronic self monitoring and automatic self cleaning function installed at Murrumbidgee Dairy Products (Fronterra / Bonlac Foods) Wagga Wagga NSW