Water Filtration

Sediment Pleated - Standard Diameter

Pleated Sediment (Harmsco Brand) (Non-Washable)

The Harmsco Pleated cartridge is made from an exclusive blend of Polyester- PlusTM filter media, specially made for sub-micron filtration. This unique fiber will not shrink, delaminate or migrate. End caps are Plastisol (PVC). Center cores are ABS. All materials are FDA accepted, and may be used for potable water and liquid food applications.

The Harmsco cartridge has up to 50% more surface area than conventional pleated cartridges. The media is pleated to maximize dirt-holding capacity and extend the time period between changes. Due to the sub-micron rating this cartridge is suitable for fine sediment removal and can also be used for Cyst reduction. This cartridge fits most standard 10” housings.

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