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Non-chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

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Cooling Towers dissipate heat by fans and evaporation using large thermal transfer areas wetted by water recirculation over these areas.

As the water evaporates the level of Total dissolved Solids [TDS] increases and the water becomes "harder" with the formation of carbonates on the entire wetted surfaces.

Old treatment processes use the "blow down" of water from the cooling tower base pool and the replacement of this blow down volume with fresh water. This is a large waste of water. The old treatment also requires the regular dosing of various chemicals for scale inhibition, biocides and algaecides to prevent carbonates forming, disinfection of the water and biological fouling.

These systems require storage and dosing of dangerous goods, dosing pumps and water quality measuring instruments – all requiring regular maintenance by skilled technicians. Not a cost competitive method by any means.

The NEW Generation is the AMS Electro-oxidation process which creates electro-chemical reactions from DSA Anodes contained within an AMS Reactor Chamber. The reactions are electron exchange between anions and cations, production of oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine and ozone.

Scale is formed on the wetted surfaces when dissolved minerals crystallize on those surfaces.

The scale provides havens for algae, bacteria and virus to hide and build colonies. This mineral and biological build up not only provides public health problems [e.g. Legionella] but dramatically reduces the heat exchanging capability of the tower.

The AMS Process changes the state of the crystalline structure of these minerals so that the crystals remain in suspension [or settle out] and will not form carbonates. No fouling of the wetted surfaces occurs. In fact, over time the process redissolves carbonates already formed, thus cleaning up old surfaces.

The oxygen [oxidant] reduces the algae to an inert mass which settles to the base pool. The algae will not regrow on the clean surfaces of the wetted areas.

The chlorine generated in the process provides a constant residual Free Available Chlorine [FAC] in the order of 1-2mg/l. This FAC ensures the tower water is disinfected at all times thus eliminating the capability for bacteria and virus such as Legionella to survive in the tower water.

The AMS Cooling Tower Treatment Unit is a low electrical energy system with a very small footprint [600mm x 800mm] and can be connected to a single 240Vac GPO. The unit has its own recirculation stainless steel pump, Controller with PLC. Water recirculation rate is up to100 litres/minute/reactor. The reactor operation is protected by a Paddle Flow Switch.

The unit is installed with Advanced Filter Media Filtration units to provide clean clear water for recycling. The filter [s] are automatically backwashed and controlled by the PLC. All wetted surfaces remain free of carbonates and biomass.

Maintenance is very minimal as the advanced filter media is self cleaning and does nor require any form of re-charging and has a life cycle of fifteen [15] years. The reactor DSA Anodes have a life cycle of about five [5] years and are simple to replace.

Energy requirements are extremely low and the power consumption of a reactor is equivalent to two 60watt light globes.

All external equipment is protected against corrosion and enclosure and reactor vessels are IP67 environment protection rated.

Model AMS / CT 400 Diagram
Model AMS / CT 400


  • Flow rate: 400litres/minute
  • Operating Pressure: 200kpa.
  • Electrical control Panel: PLC CONTROL.
  • DSA Long Life Anodes.
  • AFM Filter.
  • Stainles Steel Pump.
  • Environment Protection IP67.

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